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The Financial and Business Association of Euro-Asian Cooperation together with the International Banking Council established the International Public Prize "Business Elite of Eurasia."

Announcing the competition, the founders of the award aimed to encourage the desire of the Eurasian business community to lead in the professional field. The award is designed to stimulate competition in the business community, aimed at the civilized development of national markets.

The organizers tasks are:

- wide coverage and provision of the international level of information support to the best achievements in the field of entrepreneurship and financial and banking activities in the Eurasian space;

- to popularize the leaders of various branches of business of Eurasia, companies and persons, who affirm in their activity high standards of professionalism, business ethics and impeccable reputation;

- to ensure a socially accessible and obvious choice of reliable business partners for potential customers.

By the decision of the award founders, enterprises and organizations of all types of entrepreneurial activities, banking and business communities can won this award. Individuals who have achieved outstanding achievements in these areas of activity can also take part in the competition.

The first award ceremony took place in Moscow on November 30, 2017, the second one is on November 30, 2018. The winners were representatives of the financial and banking business. The participants of the Official Ceremony were: nominees of the award, representatives of business, political and cultural circles, national governments and banks, heads of sectoral unions and associations of Eurasia countries. The winners were presented with exclusive author's figurines depicting a bee - a symbol of hard work, frugality, diligence, cohesion, prudence, inspiration and wealth.

Prizes for the competition are made in the creative workshop by the artist, sculptor, chocolate, member of the International Art Fund and the Professional Union of Artists, laureate of international competitions Mila Zakatova. Foundry company «Bronzek» is an art and production company. The figurines material is bronze, gold, silver, obsidian.

The competition continues and participants are waiting for new nominations, and the entrepreneurial community are waiting for new discoveries.


On November 27, 2020 the International Public Award "Eurasian Business Elite" was awarded.

“The Golden Bees” were awarded to Promtex, a Russian company in the Stability Standard category, UniCredit Bank in the Social Responsibility category and Nanoplus Ltd. Taiwan in the Technological Breakthrough category. 

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