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Financial & Business Association
of Euro-Asian Cooperation



Our team consists of high potential caring, progressive-minded people who are able to offer a clearly reasoned goals and ways of achieving them.
Our financial and banking Association is an international platform for new initiatives and plans of its members, which have equal rights and equal opportunities.
We invite all who are interested to take an active part in the formation of a new understanding, new approaches and new instruments for their development on the three billion Asia and Eurasia field. Only together we will be able to implement the set up goals.
The Financial and Business Association of Eurasian Cooperation is a public non-governmental organization founded on September 11, 2013. Until March 2020, the Association was called the "Financial and Banking Association of Eurasian Cooperation".

Founders of the FBA EAC:
- Association of Regional Banks of Russia (now the Association of Banks of Russia),
- Association of Banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan;
- Association of Banks of Tajikistan;
- SCO Business Club;
- Financial and Banking Council of the CIS;
- Financial Corporation ICIE (now - Financial Corporation "Eurasia").
Currently, the FBA EAC unites financial, banking and business unions of entrepreneurs, commercial organizations and banks, public, scientific and industrial associations from 26 countries of Eurasia. FBA EAC is a member of the International Banking Council, the Association of Banks of Russia, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Russian-Chinese Financial Council, the Association of Financial Market Participants "Council for Professional Qualifications of the Financial Market".
The main goal of the Association is to meet the needs of the participants of the national markets - members of the Association in organizing favorable conditions for their effective business activities on the territory of the Eurasian countries.
The sphere of interests of the FBA EAC is small and medium-sized businesses, commercial banks, private capital, public-private partnerships.
In order to create an effective business environment in the FBA EAC, a structure of working bodies has been created, including subsidiaries and specialized industry committees, as well as Representative Offices and representatives of the FBA EAC are located in 44 countries of the world.

 Committees of the FBA EAC:
- Committee on International Scientific and Technical Cooperation;
- International Leasing Committee;
- Committee on the Best Available Technologies and Investment Projects;
- Precious Metals Committee;
- Committee on Industrial Policy and Engineering;
International Legal Committee
- International Banking Committee
- Finance and Investment Committee;
- Committee on Personnel Technologies and Qualifications;
- Committee on Energy Efficiency and Urban Infrastructure.

Representative offices and representatives of the FBA EAC in the countries of the world:
Australia, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, the UK, Hungary, Germany, India, Italy, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, China, Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Moldova, Mongolia, New Zealand, UAE, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Taiwan, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, countries West Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, Republic of Liberia, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo).