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Saturday, 23 October
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"Practical solutions for current financial problems"

коллаж 8 июля.jpgOn July 8, 2021, a round table organized by the FBA EAC Finance and Investment Committee was held at the headquarters of the FBA EAC at 17 Kotelnicheskaya Embankment within the framework of the Association's Business Dialogues program. The event was held in the format of a video conference. More than 70 companies from Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, China, Bulgaria, France, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Senegal, Mongolia, Hungary took part in the event.
The topic of the round table was "Practical solutions for current financial problems". The event was moderated by the Chairman of the Committee, Philippe Delmotte.
President of the FBA EAC, Anatoly Tkachuk opened the round table. He drew the attention of the participants to the fact that the program of the Association “Business Dialogues”, within the framework of which the FBA EAC holds thematic round tables on a monthly basis, aims, in addition to receiving relevant practical information to the members of the FBA EAC, to provide them with specific business tools in order to assist in finding partners and investors.
Introducing Philippe Delmotte, the President of the FBA EAC noted his 30-year experience in the field of corporate finance and investment services. “Mr. Delmott is a member of the European Institute of Experts and Experts, a holder of a European Business Administration degree from two universities - in France and in the UK. His experience and capabilities will certainly be useful to the members of the Association,” said Anatoly Tkachuk in conclusion.
Chairman of the FBA EAC Finance and Investment Committee, Philippe Delmotte addressed the participants of the round table with a welcoming speech. He thanked the participants for their interest in the topic of the round table and shared his vision of the situation on the financial market in Russia and Europe.
The presentation of the Eurasian Development Bank was devoted to the bank's investment activities, project financing, financing of satraps, “green” and innovative projects. Anna Khomyakova, the bank's senior client services manager, and Vladislav Voitsekhovich, the bank's business development adviser, spoke about the criteria and procedure for financing projects in Eurasia.
The topic of commercial financing of purchases and sales, online factoring, factoring of energy service contracts was highlighted during the round table by the Director of Business Development of VTB Bank (PJSC), Yuri Kasyanov.
Managing Director for Trade and Syndicated Financing of the International Bank for Economic Co-operation, Ekaterina Kuzmicheva spoke in her presentation on the topic of multi-product offers and cooperation of financial institutions to support foreign trade, SMEs and sustainable development projects about the bank's products in the field of trade finance, treasury operations, direct and syndicated lending, and money management.
The speech of the Head of the Center for Green Finance of the Astana International Financial Center (Kazakhstan), Aidar Kazybayev was devoted to the instruments of green finance in the context of the global climate agenda.
Summing up the results of the round table, General Director of FBA EAC, Oleg Berezovoy thanked the speakers and participants, expressed satisfaction with the discussion and confidence in its practical value, and reminded the audience that the Eurasian Financial and Economic Bulletin is a productive platform for exchanging opinions, promoting products and services, in addition to the round tables.