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Panel session Golden Bridge

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Panel session Golden Bridge of IX Moscow International Financial and Economic Forum «Building bridges, not barriers. Business Eurasia in a new reality» was held within the framework of International Business Week. The panel was organized by Financial and Business Association of Euro-Asian Cooperation and Levoro SRL and was held in Rome on November 22, 2022, at the Hotel Parco dei Principi in a mixed format - offline and online.
The panel session was attended by leading representatives of business communities and suppliers of precious metals, gold miners, companies engaged in industrial processing of precious metals, equipment manufacturing companies, financial and banking organizations from Italy, Africa, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, France and Bulgaria.
The panel session was opened by Li Shuobing, President of FBA EAC, and Alexander Murychev, Chairman of the FBA EAC Executive Board. On behalf of the organizers of the Forum, they greeted the participants of the panel session. The event was moderated by Andrea Boldi, President of Levoro SRL, who noted that with the growth of demand for gold, holding such forum is of particular importance.   
During the panel session, the participants discussed a wide range of issues relating to the creation of new supply chains, the introduction of the latest technology in the processing of precious metals, and discussed the role of gold in international finance.
The first speaker at the panel session was Nikolai Pak, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of metallogeny and ore genesis, Institute of Geology of National Academy of Science of Kyrgyz Republic (NAS KR).   The topic of the report was "Gold Ore Deposits of Kyrgyzstan and Industry".
Gianluigi Barettoni, President of A.F.E.M.O., which produces and supplies equipment for jewelry manufacturing, highlighted the introduction of new technologies and internationalization of markets.
The report on new technologies in jewelry manufacturing, in particular the 3D method, was presented by Damiano Zito, Administrator of Progold S.P.A. The company has many years of experience in the jewelry sector and a high level of specialization in metallurgy.
Gennady Teslenko, Candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences of Uzbekistan and chief specialist for geoinnovations and development of mineral resource base JSC "Uzbek Geologorazvedka", geologist, technologist on prospecting, evaluation and processing of deposits and tails of noble and non-ferrous metals, with the experience of expert work in Africa, Latin America, Russia and Central Asia in his speech gave an extended review on study and integrated development of mineral deposits of new types and man-made formations as additional minerals. His report was devoted to methods and examples of detection of new sources of noble metals using a set of new techniques and technologies.
In addition, the panel discussed the role of gold in international finance. They talked about savings in gold as a reliable way of insurance in India, which was explained to the participants of the panel session by Sengupta Sumit, PhD, representative of Arrow PE.
Participants of the panel session unanimously noted the high interest to the topic of the panel, the level and professionalism of the speakers and expressed confidence that the discussion can be useful for the construction of the "Golden Bridge" for the future growth of the most important of industries.

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