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210609_заседание_Шарджа.jpgOn June 8, 2021, Anatoly Tkachuk, President of the FBA EAC, held a meeting of the FBA EAC Committee for Economic and Strategic Development, headed by Denis Panasenko, where he defined the tasks of the Association to assist FBA EAC member companies in their promotion in the markets of the Middle East and Africa.
At the moment, a professional working group has been formed in the UAE under the supervision of the "FBA EAC Committee for Economic and Strategic Development", that provides practical assistance to Russian and foreign companies in legal and administrative support. Thus, the next resident of the "Research and Innovation Park" in the Emirate of Sharjah (hereinafter referred to as SRTIP) was the company "INTERMOST", a member of the FBA EAC, a member of the "Aluminum Association" and one of the leaders of the Russian market in the design of transport infrastructure facilities. The company actively cooperates with the leading research institutes of transport construction in Russia, has personal developments and technologies of cable cars, which it plans to introduce in the Middle East.
In addition, the official representative of the FBA EAC in the UAE, with the direct participation of the FBA EAC, the head of the company "KARAS MEDICAL" Charle Philopos, presented a program for the promotion of Russian medicines and equipment in the markets of the Middle East. This program was developed jointly with the "FBA EAC Committee for Economic and Strategic Development". The implementation of the program will allow the FBA EAC and KARAS MEDICAL to form an international trading platform that provides any manufacturer of medicines with a service for the promotion of its products "turnkey", which has no analogues in Russia. This program will be another concrete practical product of the FBA EAC for the members of the Association, developed within the framework of the Committee's activities.
The most important international event of the visit of the President of the FBA EAC Anatoly Tkachuk to the UAE was the signing of an Agreement with the Government of the Emirate of Sharjah, represented by SRTIP, for the implementation of a project in the UAE to create an Aggregator for the delivery of food by unmanned aerial vehicles. Thus, the Russian resident of SRTIP, a member of the FBA EAC, the company "NRTB", with the support of the" FBA EAC Committee for Economic and Strategic Development" became the first and only company in the Middle East that has an agreement in the UAE at the state level. The launch of this system will radically change the logistics system around the world.
A video conference was held at the office of the State Corporation ROSATOM on the joint implementation of projects in the Republic with the participation of the President of the FBA EAC Anatoly Tkachuk, the management of ROSATOM MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA, the management of the largest bank of the Republic of Egypt, BANQUE MISR, and representatives of the largest business of the Republic of Iraq. The first projects were identified and practical steps for their implementation were outlined.
During the visit of the President of the FBA EAC to the UAE from 7 till 11 June this year, work was carried out to attract the largest companies in the Middle East to participate in the "VIII Moscow International Financial and Economic Forum", which will be held in Moscow in November this year.
            Today, we can say with confidence that the Middle East and Africa will soon play an important role in the work of our Association.

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