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Business Platform Presentation «BUSINESS PLACE»


On December 16, 2020, the presentation of the business platform "BUSINESS PLACE" took place in the video conference.
The business platform is being developed as part of the FBA EAС «Digital Belt» project. The project manager is Andrei Lisitsyn, Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board of FBA EAS, Director of the RSPP Center for Financial Policy and Financial Markets. The work is carried out together with the founders of the BUSINESS PLACE (BP) Viktor Novosadov and Alexei Evseev.
The video conference was opened by Oleg Berezovoy, General Director of FBA ЕАС. He reminded the participants that the Concept of creating the digital platform of the Eurasian Economic Union, the European Union and China "Digital Belt" was approved a year ago at the General Meeting of Members of the FBA ЕАС. The developer’s goal was to create market mechanisms and infrastructures that ensure seamless business interaction between various countries of Eurasia.
BP was presented by Andrei Lisitsyn. In his statement, he said: "The main goal of the BP platform is to create a trusted environment for solving specific business problems in the international space. BP is an online resource in which will take place as various business services developed by team of the BP according to standards and in the closest partnership with members and partners of FBA EAC, and information about the companies offering the goods, services and projects for the solution of any business challenges".
According to Andrei Lisitsyn, the portal will provide greater opportunities for the customers, including:
- quick search for the necessary goods, services on the international market (development of the electronic trading system on this site is eventually discussed, which will form the most optimal offer price, both in price and in quality);
- obtaining operational legal, information, audit, advisory and other support at any stage of the business cycle;
- conducting of marketing research and selection of business partners (Business Intelligence system);
- promotion of business, brand, product and services, PR, GR using modern technologies;
- attraction and placement of investments;
- participation in Business Club events, including joint cultural and creative projects.
  Speaking about the services that will be provided at BP, Viktor Novosadov listed the starting ones from them:
"Find а Partner"
A service that allows you to find suppliers, buyers, distributors in all jurisdictions.
«Marketplace» (Business Bulletin Board)
Service for placement and selection of requests for purchase of goods, works, on receiving financing and attraction of investments, offers on selling of goods, works, services and also about placement of funding and investments ("offer") and also the promotion system of products, services, services, including advertising, PR, GR.
"Financial brokerage"
Service of the BP Portal providing assistance in raising and placing funds, receiving and issuing bank loans, bank guarantees, bills of exchange, closed mutual funds, etc.
"Payment ecosystem"
Service for receiving payments without the using an additional equipment and also with minimal costs for making payments, including cross-border payments (the analogue and partner is WeChat).
"Service to reduce the business and settlements barriers"
A service to provide consulting services to implement the requirements of tax legislation and AML regulation, in order to reduce the risks of applying measures of influence, including blocking accounts and automatic write-off of funds by decision of administration.
"Investment Accelerator"
The service, which is a bank of investment ideas (requests for investments, investment offers) for various projects, including scientific and practical developments, as well as mechanisms for the funnel functioning of the initial processing of projects, which can either enter the bank of projects of the FBA EAC Investment Club (through the FBA EAC Business Council) or enter the ICO through the corresponding BP service.
"A wide range of relevant services of the BP portal allow the international business to fulfill its tasks within the framework of one platform (ecosystem), which reduces the time spent on finding reliable business solutions," Viktor Novosadov said in a statement.
  Kumar Manish, member of the Management Board of FBA EAС, President of Soltex Group LLC and Petr Gritsenko, Member of FBA EAC, General Director of Baltic-Expo JSC, Member of the Presidium of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, noted the timeliness and importance of creating the Platform. Among other proposals to organize and prepare the Platform for launch, it was decided to establish a Working Group to prioritize further steps to ensure the work of the BP.
The participants of the event were Members of the Management Board and Heads of FBA EAC representations from 9 countries of Eurasia.