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Finance and investment committee

Committees are structural units of the FBA EAC. They are created to attract the intellectual and organizational-resource potential of members and partners of the Association to solve the most pressing problems of international business cooperation in Eurasia.


                                                            Chairman of the Finance and investment committee PHILIPPE DELMOTTE

The Committee’s assignment is to contribute to enhance the investment climate in Europe, Asia and Africa for the benefits of all FBA EAC members by tackling relevant financing issues.
The Committee is designed as a platform for discussions, lobbying and informational network for an exchange among Euro-Asian business communities and the financial and political establishment.
The Committee is aimed to address a broad range of financing issues and arrange the access to banks, funds with financial facilities and also to bring business partners together.
This committee provides consultancy services in FX (calculating, managing FX risks using Spot, Forwards and Options) and also in Alternative Financing (including Bonds, Share Options, SPAC, Stock Exchange Listings, Corporate Ratings, Asset Back Loans). Investment projects generation, evaluation, processing and support work is to be carried out in relation to international financing activities.
The objective of the Committee is to give the possibility to all FBA EAC members to use the knowledge and experience of international corporate finance experts.