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Committee on International Scientific and Technical Cooperation

Committees are structural units of the FBA EAC. They are created to attract the intellectual and organizational-resource potential of members and partners of the Association to solve the most pressing problems of international business cooperation in Eurasia. 

                                                                                  Кондратенко В.С.jpeg

                                                                         Vladimir Kondratenko — Chairman of the Committee

The main purpose of the Committee for International Scientific and Technical Cooperation is to consolidate the efforts of scientists, engineers, technologists, representatives of business structures, government agencies and public associations for the development and implementation of new high-tech environmentally friendly technologies, providing the latest scientific data, technologies, methods and techniques of business process organization.
Without introduction of achievements of modern science and technologies in manufacture it is impossible to be competitive, its progressive development and development of new markets. At the same time it is critically dangerous to close within one territory, which leads to stagnation and economic risks. Enterprises today need to constantly develop broad international scientific relations, exchange information, implement joint scientific and technological projects.
In this connection, the leading tasks of the Committee's activity are assistance in accelerating the introduction into practice of promising scientific and technological developments and inventions, support of research works, development projects and developments, promotion of scientific and technical professions and assistance in training of specialized specialists, selection and assistance in the practical implementation of unique scientific and technological startups, as well as assistance to national manufacturers and scientists-technologists in entering the international market and attracting investment.