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Committee on International Leasing

Committees are structural units of the FBA EAC. They are created to attract the intellectual and organizational-resource potential of members and partners of the Association to solve the most pressing problems of international business cooperation in Eurasia.                                                                                                     

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Chairman of the Committee on International Leasing VLADIMIR SOKOLOV

The main functions of the Committee are:
-  developing initiatives of the FBA EAC in the field of expanding leasing programs;
- assistance in taking into account the interests of Russian business when developing concepts and texts of draft laws and other regulatory acts regulating the sphere of international leasing;
- arranging and expert examination of draft international agreements with regard to the potential performance by the Russian Federation of its leasing obligations;
- establishing an open dialogue between business, government and the public on the Committee's activities;
- assistance in the development of entrepreneurial initiative to involve new participants in business processes in order to expand the opportunities of international leasing;
- assistance in the development of domestic business with a view to creating competitive enterprises involved in leasing on its basis;
- assistance in organizing services related to the preparation and implementation of international leasing projects.