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Committee on Ecology and Nature Management

Committees are structural units of the FBA EAC. They are created to attract the intellectual and organizational-resource potential of members and partners of the Association to solve the most pressing problems of international business cooperation in Eurasia. 
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                                                                                              Gennadiy Zubov — Chairman of the Committee

Environmental safety and environmental management are fundamental and systemic issues for doing business and maintaining the quality of life of citizens and communities.
Preservation and restoration of a favorable environmental situation today and for future generations is the main task of the Committee's activities, which is implemented through a systematic dialogue between the authorities, business and society, aimed at maintaining a balance of interests and environmental safety. The development and application of modern energy-saving, environmentally safe technologies developed by leading scientists and technologists in Russia and worldwide, which have passed mandatory expertise, should become part of management practice and contribute to the implementation of the principles of rational environmental management and social responsibility of business.
In its activities, the Committee on Ecology and Nature Management focuses on reducing the greenhouse effect through the use of the best resource and energy-saving technologies, on the formation of joint public-private and public initiatives in the field of environmental safety, on business support in terms of eliminating excessive restrictions in the environmental sphere and the introduction of optimal mechanisms of environmental management into production processes.
Collective members of the Committee have a priority right to participate in international commercial projects supported by the FBA EAS, the introduction of new technologies and developments of other committees and structures of the Association, the implementation of commercial and other forms of interaction with affiliated and full members and partners of the FBA EAS.